Who I work with 

A healing session, combining Kinesiology, nutritional therapy and energy work can benefit anyone of any age. All you need is to be curious and have a desire to improve your health and wellbeing, for the session to have a positive effect.

Adults - of all ages, no matter what health challenges you are experiencing can benefit from a healing session. Working with the whole of you, your conscious self; your subconscious, which informs around 97% of our actions; the unconscious you, another determinant of our actions.

Mums and Babies - the early days of motherhood can be filled with emotion, challenged by lack of sleep and the shifts in hormones. Babies communicate really well and sometimes it can take a little time for us to completely tune into their needs. At this time, a gentle Mother and Baby healing session will help balance your energy and ensure that you and your baby have the nutrients you need. The session takes place in your home, is gentle and completely supportive of your needs. All you need is to have another adult present to care for your baby while you receive your healing session. Contact me to find out more.

Children - respond very well in a healing session. Kinesiology feels like a very fun game to them, which really sparks their curiosity and begins to inform on the things that their body responds positively to and the things their bodies do not like. This can be very empowering as they begin to develop their knowledge about how to better care for their bodies. 

I have taken additional training in working with Primary Reflexes, these are reflexes that all babies are born with that aid their survival in the early years of life. The Primary Reflexes will all drop away when no longer needed, usually by three and a half years. At times this process can become interrupted and the Primary Reflex doesn't naturally integrate, remaining active beyond the time it is needed. This can cause problems in other areas of both children's and adult's lives. Supporting the Primary Reflexes to integrate can offer great benefit to children (and adults too), helping them with a very long list of challenges, here's just a few:

  • Hearing problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Difficulty judging space and speed
  • Forgetful, late, slow and vague
  • Low self esteem
  • Makes silly mistakes
  • Speech problems
  • Closing eyes to process information
  • Hand-eye co-ordination problems
  • Difficulty with left and right
  • Finds holding a pen difficult
  • Dislikes change
  • Fear Of separation  

Whole families - I have been very fortunate, to work with whole families. This is a very powerful healing experience for everyone involved as it is possible to see family patterns and where imbalances occur. It is also very helpful that the family can support each other in there journey to better health and in time life. If two or more family members book sessions within the same three month period a discount is applied, get in touch to find out more.  

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How I Work

Because no two bodies are the same I use a range of different therapies in each session, to give your body what it needs at that moment. Hover over and click to find out more about each of the therapies.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

    NLP, simply put, is how what you think, say and how you act combine to make up your experience of life. However, these things do not always neatly correspond with what we want in life, which in itself can be a tricky question to answer. Using the powerful combination of Kinesiology and NLP helps enhance your understanding and move you closer to the life you genuinely want. 


  • Naturopath Nutrition
  • Naturopath Nutrition

    Naturopathy offers a broad range of deeply healing techniques and approaches to balancing health. At the same time, the key focus is that food is our first medicine. Working from the perspective that the human body will never look the same twice, it celebrates your dynamic healing ability, which will help you reach so much more of your full potential. 




  • Goal Mapping
  • Goal Mapping

    A systematic tool that works together with both your logical left brain and naturally creative right brain to help you set and achieve goals in any area of your life. It is extremely effective as it works primarily with the sub-conscious mind, which is responsible for running our bodily functions, performing multiple, simultaneous actions and maintaining habits.

    Goal Mapping successfully utilizes the power of the subconscious mind in supporting you to live a successful life. 

    The approach used in Goal Mapping is perfect for you if you enjoy taking a logical and efficient route to attaining what you want in life, while at the same time exploring your creative side.

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Chakra Balancing

    Chakras are energy centres within our bodies that help to regulate processes, from organ function to supporting the immune system and balancing our emotions. 

    When out of balance illness and emotional difficulties often occur.  Energy work and crystals are used to bring the chakras into greater balance, which helps relieve physical tightness and brings greater clarity to our emotional state of mind.

  • Meridian Tapping Technique
  • Meridian Tapping Technique

    Our emotions are a natural response to our experience of life. They provide a clear and effective communication system when we allow our emotions to be felt, acknowledged and released.

    For many reasons we can block this process - 'I'm too busy to deal with emotions', 'it's too painful to go there', 'I'm fearful of truly feeling my emotions'. The result is an emotional imbalance, which creates tension, fatigue and a disruption to our focus and concentration.

    Tapping key meridian points is a gentle and highly effective way to help release negative emotions and it supports the flow of energy throughout your body. Leaving you more energised and clearer in relationship to your life.

  • Flower Remedies
  • Flower Remedies

    The extract of different flowers and herbs has been found to balance dis-ease within our bodies and it is also a highly effective way to shift persistent, unhelpful emotional states.

    Combining the powerful intelligence of plants with Kinesiology enables us to identify a flower remedy that is perfect for your healing at that particular moment.

    A Flower Remedy can restore the balance in your mind, which in turn supports your body’s overall healing abilities.


 What happens in your Healing session

During your session, we will talk about your life, the significant events in your life, your medical history to identify the times and events that created the dis-ease you are experiencing in your body. We will look at what your goals for your health and wellbeing are, what may stand in your way and gain an understanding of what support you need to reach those goals. With your consent, we will work together to identify and address your specific individual concerns and areas causing stress and or ill-health.


While always remaining fully clothed we gain important information by using gentle muscle testing. We will look to see what energetic, emotional, nutritional and structural imbalances exist in your body. We will also look to identify the underlying causes that are contributing to your health and wellbeing challenges. Simply put, your body clearly communicates what is required to restore balance, in energetic, emotional, nutritional and structural imbalances in your body. It enables us to discover the underlying causes that are contributing to your health and wellbeing challenges. Simply put, your body clearly communicates what is required to restore balance in your body and life to reach your full potential. 

Experience has shown that one size cannot fit all and so I draw on a number of other therapies to tailor a treatment that is unique and perfect for your health and wellbeing needs. 

Healing will take place in the clinic and to further consolidate your healing we work together to create a plan that will support continued improvement of your health and wellbeing. Suggestions and advice may include recommendations of key foods to boost your health and those to avoid, relaxation and other techniques, lifestyle changes and more.


Paying It Forwardwe heal our bodies by firstly supporting ourselves, then supporting others to heal and always supporting the healing of the earth. I am committed to all three. If you would like some of your treatment cost to be donated towards our current charity https://www.missionlifeforce.org/ or indeed you feel there is a charity of equal worth, please just let me know are we'll make sure that happens. Always love, Always gratitude

My availability
Appointments are available on weekdays, evenings and some weekends please check the calendar. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Your investment
Initial consultation and treatment - £75 allow up to 90 minutes

Follow-up treatment - £60 allow up to 60 minutes

Simple balancing treatment - £45 allow 45 minutes

Mum and Baby Kinesiology treatment - £75 allow up to 90 minutes

Children's Kinesiology treatment - £40 allow up to 60 minutes

Supplements to support your healing will be charged for separately.



How many sessions should I book?

Initially you will be seen every 1-2 months, as a guide you will see sustainable change after 3 sessions. To maintain the change it is advisable to come for a balancing treatment every 4 to 6 months, depending on your individual needs, as the lifestyle changes you have made will support you to maintain optimal health.

Block booking and offers

If you are looking to resolve a chronic issue/s, you have been living with for more than two years, it is advisable to book four sessions and take advantage of the offer below.  






Catherine is a warm and genuinely caring person. I feel that I could tell her anything. I felt held in her presence and skill during a time when I was anxious and had lost confidence in my own abilities


Within 2-3 sessions Catherine had literally worked a miracle! After suffering with bowel problems for 17 years I had almost given up. I can hardly believe the changes, life is so much easier and more relaxed. I'm not ruled by my bowels anymore! Amazing lady, highly recommended


Catherine is a very skilful practitioner. She identified digestive issues with my daughter and helped her unpack deep-seated emotional trauma. I would highly recommend her


I received a wonderfully healing and fascinating treatment today with Catherine. Absolutely fab, she read my body perfectly! 



I have been raving about my session with Catherine ever since I had it! She is extremely knowledgeable and I found my time with her so helpful! I will be back. (And I expect I'll make my boyfriend go and have a session with her too!!) 


Catherine is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wealth of tools that she draws upon in her individually tailored consultations. Catherine recently supported our 3 three and a half year old son who had been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. Catherine has a great connection with children and our son responded really well to the session and the supplements and remedies that were recommended