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Our greatest gift is our health

Does optimum health feels outside your grasp, like there are too many options to know where to begin and there is too little time to work it all out?

At the same time perhaps you’re struggling with:

Low Energy

Digestive Problems

Unresolved Injuries

Weight Gain or Loss

Your Child's Health

Unexplained Feelings of Fear

Poor Sleep

Feeling Anxious and Stressed 

Post Birth Support

Back Pain

Low or Unpredictable Mood

Hormone Imbalances

Skin Problems or Eczema

Brain Fog

Headaches and Tired Eyes

Food Sensitivities

A Toxic Body

Feeling Overwhelmed


Or quite simply you just feel 'a bit off'



How I got here

Remember a time when you felt so much healthier, had more energy, felt calmer and connected to life, yet somehow you have lost your ability to get back there? Or perhaps you can't remember life being like that?

I've been there too and found ways to support and heal my physical health, energy levels and emotional health, and I can help you fully optimize your health too.

I started the journey over 10 years ago; first learning on my own body, which is a life long journey. Then in 2010 I began studying Nutrition, alongside a number of other health and healing modalities, including Kinesiology.

I love that no two bodies are the same and in recognition of that I combine my ever evolving knowledge and experience to tailor a treatment that is as unique as you are.


Let me help you

We are living in amazing times, the world is so rich with potential and we have so many opportunities. Time moves fast and feeling clear about what you want and how you are going to get there is not always easy. I’m here to help you.

If you have read this far I know health is important to you. Click here to access a free resource that will help you gain new ideas to improve your health and wellbeing. If you have any questions about the ideas described in the book do get in touch

30 Ways in 30 Days to Optimize Your Health e-book

About me

My journey to better health began when I became unwell. It is a journey that will last a lifetime and has led to a deep fascination with the healing potential of our bodies. I guess you could call me a body detective as investigating what makes a body tick and why it misses a beat or two fascinates me.

I have various tools in my health toolkit to drawn on, something that is constantly being built upon. I am currently studying for my Reiki Practitioner qualification and look forward to using that in clinic, in the summer.  Using my constantly evolving knowledge, I am committed to helping you restore your health and wellbeing too.

If you need more balance in any aspect of your life, click to find out more





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Catherine is a warm and genuinely caring person. I feel that I could tell her anything. I felt held in her presence and skill during a time when I was anxious and had lost confidence in my own abilities


Within 2-3 sessions Catherine had literally worked a miracle! After suffering with bowel problems for 17 years I had almost given up. I can hardly believe the changes, life is so much easier and more relaxed. I'm not ruled by my bowels anymore! Amazing lady, highly recommended


Catherine is a very skilful practitioner. She identified digestive issues with my daughter and helped her unpack deep-seated emotional trauma. I would highly recommend her


I received a wonderfully healing and fascinating treatment today with Catherine. Absolutely fab, she read my body perfectly! 



I have been raving about my session with Catherine ever since I had it! She is extremely knowledgeable and I found my time with her so helpful! I will be back. (And I expect I'll make my boyfriend go and have a session with her too!!) 


Catherine is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wealth of tools that she draws upon in her individually tailored consultations. Catherine recently supported our 3 three and a half year old son who had been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. Catherine has a great connection with children and our son responded really well to the session and the supplements and remedies that were recommended