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“I cannot recommend Catherine enough. She is very kind and well prepared, but most of all she is able to undertake very deep energy work. Personally, attending sessions with her it’s been instrumental in my path of growing and healing. I believe that we are lucky to have her in Bristol” – Fed

Hello, I’m Catherine, a Wellbeing Consultant, Kinesiologist and Holistic Medicine Practitioner. I can help you optimize your health – I use Kinesiology Muscle Testing to reduce the guesswork and  facilitate your journey towards recovering your true health potential.

Thank you for making the decision to prioritise your health and wellbeing, you are very welcome here and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to full health.

I use an extensive range of healing therapies, with Kinesiology at the heart, also drawing on nutrition, energy work and many more healing modalities to help you gently bring your body back into balance. I love my work, it makes my heart sing.

If optimum health feels outside your grasp, you don’t know where to begin and have too little time to work it out, click to book a Free Introductory Kinesiology Call and discover how Kinesiology can help you.

Kinesiology can support the transformation of a wide range of conditions, including:

Toxic Overload

Low Energy

Sleep Disturbances

Unexplained Feelings of Fear

Digestive Problems

Low or Unpredictable Mood 

Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Hormone Imbalances

Anxiety and Stress

Brain Fog

Headaches and Tired Eyes

Back Pain

Skin Problems and Eczema

Food Sensitivities

Feeling Overwhelmed

Unresolved Injuries

Pre and Post Birth Support

Childhood Illnesses

If you just don’t feel yourself
Kinesiology can help improve your health and improve your life

Want to know more – book a Free Introductory Kinesiology Call 

Kinesiology changed my life

Remember a time when you felt so much healthier, had more energy, felt calmer and connected to life, yet somehow you have lost your ability to get back there? Or perhaps you can’t remember life being like that?

I’ve been there too and found ways to support and heal my physical health, energy levels and emotional wellbeing, and I can help you fully optimize your health too.

I love that no two bodies are the same and in recognition of that I combine my ever-evolving knowledge and experience to tailor a treatment that is just as unique as you.

How Kinesiology can help you

We are living in an unprecedented era, time and the pace of global change moves fast. It can feel hard to keep up, harder to find opportunity for self care, yet now is when we need it most.

I’m here to help you and now is the time to truly invest in your health and wellbeing by:

How I found Kinesiology

My journey to better health began when I became unwell, which led to a deep fascination with the healing potential of our bodies. I guess you could call me a body detective as investigating what makes a body tick and why it misses a beat fascinates me.

I have a wide variety of tools in my health toolkit; Kinesiology is the heart and they work synergistically to enhance your healing potential. I am committed to applying my constantly evolving knowledge, to help you restore your health and wellbeing.

If you need more balance, click to find out more



Working with Catherine is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done for my health. Not many people can do what Catherine can. She truly is an amazing guide and healer



Within 2-3 sessions Catherine had literally worked a miracle! After suffering with bowel problems for 17 years I had almost given up. I can hardly believe the changes, life is so much easier and more relaxed. I'm not ruled by my bowels anymore! Amazing lady, highly recommended



I took my son to see Catherine as he was really anxious and struggling with a few things. She was so lovely with him in her gorgeous treatment room, and he opened up to her straightaway and she totally ‘got’ him and his character too. He settled into the session and has been able to push himself since, he says she has helped him to learn to master his fears! Thank you so much Catherine – can’t wait until our next session!



 I have been seeing Catherine for about nine months after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and during this time I have seen an huge improvement in that and the issues that very probably led to it. When I look back to a year ago, I just cannot believe the difference!



I recently saw Catherine as I had not been sleeping and had been treated by GP's with no success. I had a session with Catherine and was amazed when that night for the first time in over a month I slept for 8 hours. I followed the plans she provided me with for the coming weeks and continued to see results. I cannot recommend her enough both in her approach, professionalism, and the results she gets



Catherine is undoubtedly a Kinesiology expert. After various tests at hospital for my abdominal condition of 15 years nothing seemed to have got resolved. I seen Catherine for two appointments and my stomach issue was relieved! I now live life without the constant pain in my abdomen, which also caused me substantial tiredness. Catherine is welcoming and very interested in listening to all I had to express. I believe she genuinely has the ability to heal


Catherine is a registered member of The Kinesiology Association and works to their code of ethics and practice.

A Kinesiology Session with Catherine and/or the information on this website do not constitute medical treatment or advice; the purpose is to support and encourage wellness. Please consult your Doctor for any health concerns you come to see Catherine about.

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